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**Important Notice**

In most cases, the art used in bios, previews, and videos pertaining to the main character, Chris, of this series originates from the Tales of Xillia franchise. The characters original name is Jude Mathis, and any and all art of him is used only as a reference for the ideal look I sought for the main character in the series. I claim no ownership, that goes to the folks over at Bandai Namco.

**End of Notice**

Read The Series Now On InkBunny - Contains Some Adult Content
Will Need An Inkbunny Account To See All Chapters

Some time ago, a young man named Chris, now 23, discovered he was chosen to carry a curse passed onto him through his bloodline by a Ninetales his grandfather saved long ago, having grabbed its sacred tails to save it from falling to its demise. Burdened with this fate, which the young man now calls a blessing, Chris accepts the life chosen for him and allows the curse to guide him freely in life, destined to forever put others before himself, to forever follow the path the curse guides him along towards those in need most...

Along his journey thus far, Chris has come across a Ralts who was abandoned by her former trainer for being blind, hurled off the edge of a cliff and left to die that has since evolved into a full fledged Gardevoir by his side, swearing her life to the young man with the mysterious and terrifying ability to use the power of a Shadow Pokemon, granting her the title of a mysterious new Shadow Hybrid... Also traveling by his side is a Snivy who has since become a Servine, abandoned by her former trainer for refusing to evolve after a terrifying battle she had with a Serperior that left her mentally scarred, resulting in her former trainer neglecting and starving her in an attempt to persuade her to evolve, until he finally left her to die as well followed by a Buneary who has since evolved into Lopunny, who's former trainer became enraged due to her refusal to battle and tried to kill her off when he discovered she could only evolve via friendship...

Chris has met many people and Pokemon alike along his journey, each left as inspired by his presence as the last... He's nearly sacrificed himself to save Gardevoir and Servine from a deadly attack by a pack of Houndoom, lead by a Mega formed leader by hurling himself off a cliff to catch the two and nearly dying... Resulting in his lengthy stay in a location called Millennium City where he provided a hospital full of children an awe inspiring play room full of wonders any child would adore... Saved thousands of Pokemon eggs from dying out when their colossal incubation system malfunctioned in one of the cities many centers, and it's the location he saved Lopunny when she was a Buneary from being struck by a massive truck after being hurled into the highway by her former trainer... He's met and inspired a kindhearted old butler named Gerald who served the group during their stay in the city, and even came across the mysterious N from the Pokemon series, inspiring even this strange person during his stay in the city resulting in Chris being deemed a man worthy of keeping an eye on...

Most recently, Chris had become a criminal during his efforts to free Lopunny from her former trainer altogether, having forced his way into the city's top prison the man was held within and taking not only the Pokeball belonging to Lopunny, but taking all of his other Pokeballs to free the Pokemon within them as well only to discover the mans father was the Warden of that very prison in the process. Finding himself intrigued by Chris, the Warden gave him a chance to avoid prison time by revealing he was also the city's Gym Leader, striking a deal that if he won he would be pardoned of all crimes and allowed to leave the city.

Before the day of the match arrived, Chris found himself becoming close friends with the city's top scientist, Professor Rose, and together along with her staff they managed to complete Project Celebi, a device that could transplant sight between two people without surgery! The project turned out to be a success after Chris offered the sight in his left eye to give Gardevoir the ability to see the world for the first time via her right!

After this, the time for his showdown with the Warden arrived, and after a lengthy two part battle, Chris turned out the victor with the support of all those attending the event and beyond... To thank them for fighting for his sake, Chris gave Gardevoir, Servine, and Lopunny their own unique names, gaining the titles Serenity, Alicia, and Rose respectively, with Lopunny being named after the professor who had done so much for the group during their stay in the city...

Now, after regaining his freedom and spending a week at Arthur and Angela's massive manor on the outskirts of the city, Chris has finally bid everyone a fond and tearful farewell, having set sail across the sea as a first class passenger aboard the brand new S.S. Guardian, the first pollutant free ship in the world relying solely on solar power reservoirs currently making its way along its maiden voyage on a seven day trip to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the loss of the legendary R.M.S. Arceanic, the unsinkable ship that mysteriously vanished without a trace after messages calling for help were sent one fateful night long, long ago...


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Creator of the TOTGM series, be sure to give it a read over on InkBunny using the link below, as I just use Deviantart to give it a little extra advertisement so more learn of the series.

I hope you take the time to go check it out, as it has been deemed as being better than the official content by several fans already.

Keep in mind the series DOES feature a SMALL amount of adult content, so as long as that is fine with you, I hope you enjoy it as much as so many others have.


I also do my best to credit any and all art used for the series. If you see something you created that has no credit shown, let me know and I'll gladly edit you into the post, both here AND on InkBunny. I include direct links to all artists whose art I have used. Rest assured it isn't likely you'll find anything that isn't already properly credited, but if you do, again, I'll be glad to remedy the issue.


Also keep in mind due to the rating of certain chapters of the series, InkBunny will block you from reading them unless you have an account and have the blocks disabled.



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